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Marengo, Illinois

Divorce Attorney

No one expects divorce to be easy. There’s more involved than just two people going separate ways, there are all the people and things connected to those people. Rather than leave you to sort through it all alone, we’re here to help you take a look at your life and bring you into a new chapter.

The attorneys at Diamond Divorce Law have seen so many different lives go through this process, and while our experience is invaluable, we also have learned each case is unique. There’s no cookie cutter, no formula to plugin people. We believe in listening to people’s lives and stories and taking the time to adapt as things change. The more we know you and understand your case, the better we’re able to fight for your new life.

What is the First Consultation like for Divorce Proceedings in Marengo, Illinois?

Taking that first step and meeting with a Marengo, Illinois divorce attorney can feel both like a weight off of your shoulders but also like plunging into the unknown.

Take a deep breath, we’re here to carry the weight with you. We’re here to chart a course armed with the 40+ years of experience we have doing this kind of work.

The first consultation will help us all get an idea of where to start.

Once your consultation is scheduled, we will send you a questionnaire that facilitates your providing us with important information. By doing this, we can get some idea of what is going to be involved, what matters may be contested, and what matters may be agreed upon.

Here are some things we’ll have you prepare for your first consultation:

Our initial goal is for our attorneys to get to know you and your case as much as we can. The better we understand your circumstances, the better we can prepare to reach our goals.

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How Long Will My Divorce Take?

There is no definite answer since each case is so different. Divorce may go as fast as a matter of weeks or as slow as a matter of years.

What influences this time difference is whether or not parties are in agreement on all issues or not.

Uncontested divorces are where all parties agree to the details of the divorce. These kind of divorces go pretty smoothly and quickly, some can even be resolved virtually.

Contested divorces are where parties disagree to details—small or large. Some of the details that are often contested are the following:

Contested issues may be resolved by:

  • MediationMediation is where parties meet with a qualified expert, the mediator. The mediator does not represent either party but tries to work out an agreement between the parties on contested matters.
  • Arbitration — Divorce arbitration can be a substitute for an in-court trial. Instead of resolving the dispute in a courtroom, the case is heard in a private setting before an arbitrator.
  • Litigation — If alternate dispute resolution processes fail, contested issues will go to trial.

However, your best chance to resolve issues or try to have an uncontested divorce is to ​​work with an experienced family law lawyer. Our attorneys can help you figure out the best strategy to approach your spouse to determine what can be agreed upon and avoid fighting.

Why Choose Diamond Divorce Law?

Dealing with the complex and emotionally charged issues that arise during divorce proceedings can be a painful experience. It’s crucial to have an attorney who is not only a legal advocate, but a supportive ally. Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

At Diamond Divorce Law, we leverage our decades of family law experience to provide you with the guidance and support. We believe that effective communication is an art, and we take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and goals. By asking the right questions and developing a personalized plan that aligns with your financial and personal objectives, we work to help you achieve a favorable outcome while protecting your rights and interests.

Our legal team includes skilled family lawyers who are experienced in litigation, negotiation, and Marengo, Illinois divorce law. Whether your case involves a straightforward uncontested matter or a complex dispute headed for the courtroom, our attorneys are ready to serve you and help you obtain the closure you seek.

Contact an Illinois Divorce Lawyer today

If you are seeking a lawyer who prioritizes meeting your specific needs; communicates clearly to ensure understanding; possesses the advantage of being locally based; practices within the geographic area relevant to your case; is familiar with local legal professionals, judges, and procedures; and operates within a team environment where personal attention is guaranteed, then look no further than Diamond Divorce Law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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