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5 Ways to Avoid Losing Time and Money in your Divorce Case

In every divorce, time and money are top concerns.

Without the right team in place, you can be spending all kinds of money and wasting all kinds of time.

Putting the right team together is your solution. Having a lawyer that knows your concerns, where you want to go (your objectives) and knows how to get it done is what you need.

Our team at Diamond Divorce Law is here and we know how to get the job done. We have helped many people for many years and we know how to avoid wasting a lot of time and money. It is not our first rodeo.

Below are 5 simple ways to minimize your loss of valuable time and money during your divorce.

1. Communicate Effectively

The first step is to remember that communication is vital. 

You need to communicate with your lawyer. Your lawyer is your advocate and on your side. Your lawyer cannot do their job if they don’t have all the information. Don’t hide things from them. 

A lot of time and money can be wasted if all of your assets and debts are not accurately disclosed.

 It is essential to exchange correct information about your assets and debts, no matter how big or small they may be.

2. Pick Your Battles

Picking your battles can help significantly reduce the time it takes to file and finish your divorce. After all, wasted time equals wasted money.

While it is important to communicate your wants and wishes, fighting over every little thing can create a situation where drawn-out litigation may be necessary.

Remember that you will usually be billed every time you call or talk to a lawyer. Be smart on how you use your time when you are talking to your lawyer. Organize and prepare before you call or email your lawyer so you can make the best use of your time. 

If you are not fighting about little things, you save time, energy and money.

3. Educate Yourself and Know Your Options

Asking questions and working with your divorce attorney can help ensure that you know what is going on during the legal process. By knowing all of your assets and creating a budget for yourself, you can help avoid unintentional spending. 

The objective is to complete disclosure of what is going on with your money and bills.

Some things to do to are:

  • Close or monitor joint banking accounts;
  • Open new accounts in just your name; 
  • Document all the finances (bills and expenses); 
  • Make a budget and financial plan.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

This process may be complicated and emotional. It is going to take some time. 

It’s best to talk to an experienced family law attorney early. Why? To not only let the lawyer know what you want but have the lawyer let you know what to expect.

This will allow you to avoid expensive and time consuming distractions and off target tangents and allow  focus on what will get the job done.

5. Hire a Divorce Lawyer That Fits Your Needs

You need to hire a family law attorney that not only understands the law and the process in your geographic area.  But one that also listens to you, understands your needs and understands where you want to go.

You want to hire an attorney that has your back and focuses on solving the problem. You want to make sure that this is not their first rodeo. 

You want a lawyer that:

  • Focuses on solving the problem and meeting your needs;
  • Explains things so they are not confusing and you can understand them;
  • Knows how to do things right the first time;
  • Knows how to avoid common problems before they happen;
  • Keeps focused on the result you want;
  • Has home court advantage 
    • practices in the geographic area where you case is;
    • Knows the local lawyers, judges and procedures;
  • Has a team where everyone knows your name.

Contact Diamond Divorce Law

If this is what you are looking for, our team at Diamond Divorce Law is ready to help. 

Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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