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McHenry, Illinois

Order of Protection

If you, your children, or another family member are in danger of being abused by your spouse, please contact our office immediately. We can help you obtain an Order of Protection to keep your family safe.

What Is an Order of Protection?

Often, when people think about a “restraining order,” what they really mean is an Order of Protection. In Illinois, there are specific requirements that must be proved in order to obtain this order.

  • The petitioner (you, or a member of your household that you’re filing on behalf of) must be a “family or household member” of the respondent (the person you’re filing against).
  • That the respondent has abused the petitioner (in Illinois, “abuse” is defined as “physical abuse, harassment, intimidation of a dependent, or interference with personal liberty or willful deprivation.” It does not include reasonable direction of a minor child by a parent or someone in authority over a child.
  • The court must have jurisdiction to hear the case.

While proving eligibility and obtaining an Order of Protection may seem overwhelming when you’re in a stressful situation, the team at Diamond Divorce Law is here to help. Please call us immediately if you are in need of our services – someone will answer, even after hours, and our team will help you as quickly as possible.

Who Can File for an Order of Protection?

Only specific people can file for an Order of Protection. This list includes:

  • The person who has been the subject of abuse (according to the Illinois legal definition)
  • Someone filing on behalf of a minor child or an adult who is not able to file the petition (due to things like health, disability, age, etc.) but has been abused by a family member or member of the household
  • Someone filing on behalf of a “high risk” adult with disabilities who has been abused, neglected, or exploited by a family member or member of the household

The petitioner (the person filing the petition for an Order of Protection) must be a family member or household member of the respondent (the person whom the petition is filed against.

As you can see, there are hoops to jump through – but that’s where we come in. Our experienced attorneys are ready to advocate for you, to help you obtain the protection you need. You don’t have to go through this alone.

At Diamond Divorce law, we’ve been helping families in McHenry and Lake Counties work through complex family law cases, including Orders of Protection, for decades. We are ready to bring our experience to the table for you, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the details of your case.

Our goal is to help you protect your family.

At Diamond Divorce Law, we care about our clients. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through each step of your case. We listen, we answer your questions, and we return your phone calls. Our entire team is here to help make sure you get the support and resources you deserve.

When you call, a member of our team will take your information and get you scheduled for a consult with an attorney. During your consult, the attorney will listen to your situation, answer any questions, and help you create an action plan to move forward.

Why Should You Hire Diamond Divorce Law?

Divorce can involve a lot of stress and anxiety, often bringing up painful and intimate issues.
Your attorney is your ally, friend, and legal advocate, and selecting the right lawyer will make a world of difference in the outcome of your divorce.

At Diamond Divorce Law, we bring together decades of family law experience to provide you with the guidance and support needed to resolve your divorce.

Communication is an art, and we take the time to really listen to what you have to say. We will ask you about your personal and financial goals and help you create a plan to achieve them while protecting your rights and interests every step of the way.

Our legal team includes family lawyers who are skilled in litigation and negotiation, Illinois divorce law, and trial law. From simple uncontested matters to complex cases that are headed for the courtroom, our attorneys are ready to serve you and get you the closure you are looking for.

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