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McHenry County Illinois makes changes to mandatory co-parenting class

Changes to the mandatory co-parenting class, “Focus on the Kids”, are making it easier to finalize your divorce in McHenry County.

“Designed as a four-hour educational class,  Focus on the Kids seeks to assist parents in understanding and responding to the needs of their child(ren) and to help their children cope with their feelings. This program is designed to offer parents the opportunity to learn about, and discuss the effects of divorce and separation on minor children. This class is intended to educate parents not counsel them.”

If you are contemplating a divorce or have already started the process, you may already know that all divorcing parents of minor children must complete the face-to-face co-parenting class program, “Focus on the Kids,” before their cases will be finalized in court.  If you did not complete the program before the COVID-19 outbreak, you now have the option to satisfy this requirement virtually (online).

McHenry County College will provide the face-to-face instruction via Zoom meetings. Instructors will provide you the course materials in advance of the scheduled online class meetings. 

To enroll in the new online program call 815-479-7591. You must make your payment for the program at the time you register.

If you have questions or need professional, caring legal representation, contact our divorce attorneys at Diamond & LeSueur, P.C.

Note: Participants enrolled in the two, two-hour class option must complete the program as scheduled with MCC. In the event that you fail to complete the program as scheduled, MCC will require you to pay the registration fee in full to re-register and complete the class in its entirety. Emergencies or extenuating circumstances, resulting in non-attendance, will be evaluated by MCC and exceptions may be made.

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